Best Animals to Eat for Survival In The Wild

  • When we think of eating outside, we often think of BBQ's or picnics with friends. Lazy Sunday morning brunches out on the patio or simply grilling before the big game. It's not often that we think of insects, rodents and capturing large game to help us survive. That is just what we will have to do if society as we know it collapses.

    There are some who prefer this way of life, a life free from any form of current social structure and in turn creating their own way of life. They live off the land and use what the land provides to nourish themselves and the ones that they love. So what do you do? How do you know what is safe to eat?

    We have come up with a quick list of things that are found in nature that you can not only eat but survive off of for extended periods of time so keep reading and learn what to do if you're ever stranded out in the wilderness.

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