7 Must Know Tips Before Bringing Goats into a Homestead

  • If you've made the switch to a homestead, then you're all about living a self-sufficient and independent lifestyle. Let the animals help you out! You might lean toward purchasing chickens for your land since those seem to be the most typical farm animal. What about goats? They are the second most popular animal (after chickens, of course) to have on a homestead. They provide milk, fertilizer, brush control and many other benefits that may have been unknown to you.

    If you're interested in diversifying your animal ownership, then goats might be the ideal addition. What breed do you get? What do they eat? How do you contain them? These are just a few of the questions you'll need answered prior to becoming a goat parent. We've gathered the research to answer some of those questions so that you're informed and ready for goats.

    Let's take a look at 7 things you need to know before introducing goats to your homestead!

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    1. Seth Strong said:

      Let the poop dry before trying to sweep it off the porch. Anyone who has a lot of goats with the occasional escapee knows this to be true.

    2. Al Diller said:

      Get dog to protect the herd from those who would be inclined to have their way with’em.

    3. William Townsend said:

      The herd will alway have a leader make them the lead goat or bell goat, Don’t have a un-neutered male goat unless you are building a herd, the house them separately, trust me on this.

    4. SharlaAnn Matyjanka said:

      If the husband comes home and sees the goat standing on the hood of his truck….that will be the end of raising goats!

    5. Karen Carol said:

      Argh! I’m goat-sitting for a neighbor right now. Know how to sex babies, and fix the boys early!

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