Why Homesteaders Should Consider Quail Farming

  • Think of your typical farm animals. You're probably picturing a chicken, cow, pig, horse, etc. What about a quail? That bird probably didn't make your list alongside the rest of them. After all, the song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” doesn't really include a quail.

    Quails can provide many overlooked benefits to homesteaders. They're not your traditional farm bird, but it turns out that they fit well into all types of homesteads. It's easy to shy away from an animal like the quail since they're not a long-established member of the farm animal family. These benefits might change your mind.

    Let's take a look at why quails should become a permanent part of your homestead!

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    1. Tim Terri said:

      Because for the time, space, and so forth, the tiny eggs aren’t worth the bother. You literally have to have 6 or 8 just for one person for breakfast and that’s if they aren’t very hungry. Not alm, but most quail these days won’t even sit on their eggs so if you want to hatch you have to have an incubator. Also, because if their size, they are much more fragile when hatched. I gave over 2 dozen eggs to someone to incubate and we ended up with 4 hatching. Out of those 4, none survived more than 3 days. These were people who hatch tons of chickens. I ended up giving the quail away since they were more trouble than they were worth.