Why Every Homestead Should Have American Guinea Hogs

  • American Guinea Hogs have been the go to pig for the homesteader dating all the way back to the 1800's. They were the first choice due to their size and temperament. Today it's very rare to see homesteaders with hundreds of acres unless you're one of the lucky ones, but most of us survive on what we call “smaller” homesteads which are only about 10 acres or so. This is one of the draws to this particular hog.

    While the American Guniea Hog was super popular back in the day about 10-15 years ago they were almost non-existent here in the Good Ole USA. Thanks to some hardworking homesteaders that has now all changed and the breed is alive and well.

    So let's keep reading and take a  look into why this is the perfect hog for the homestead! 

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    1. Mandy Gruper said:

      Only if you have solid fences and big pastures. They can be incredibly destructive just like the bigger hogs.