When SHTF Know How To Flag & Tag The House To Help FEMA Out

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  • As unfortunate as crisis events are, they can teach us crucial lessons about emergency responsiveness. Hurricane Katrina, for example, showed us the importance of flagging and tagging homes to alert rescue teams of any individuals who needed assistance.

    It's likely that the majority of your disaster prepping efforts are focused on a stockpile and an escape plan. However, what happens if you or one of your family members is severely injured during the crisis or if you have an electrical hazard that could cause harm to you or others? You could also become stuck in your home with no safe way out. You have to be able to communicate this to rescue teams. That's when knowing how to flag and tag your home could increase your chances of survival.

    Continue on to learn why you should know how to flag your home as well as how to properly communicate with rescuers!

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