What’s Going on With The Earthquake Swarm in Yellowstone

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  • If you live in certain parts of the country, you stockpile and prep with the possibility of an earthquake in mind. They're not exactly the most predictable natural disasters you can encounter so it can be nerve-wracking when there is an increase in the number of smaller earthquakes near you.

    Yellowstone National Park, for example, is an area that has recently caught the eye of many geologists. It's not only the destination of many survivalists and outdoor junkies, but it's also home to many plant and animal species that need to be protected. So, it's concerning to find that it's been experiencing an increase in earthquake activity. Could such activity impact the park, the state and even the country?

    Keep reading to learn whether you should be worried about the multitude of earthquakes occurring at Yellowstone!

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    1. Richard Langlois said:

      underground nuke testing us only going to increase this…. not only North Korea the US and other countries conduct them also.

    2. Kevin Newbill said:

      This Volcano is due to go off. The best thing that could happen to this planet. Every 600,000 years it goes off, time for it to let go.

    3. Rick Martin said:

      Nuti’n. Got a friend that studies these there and says it’s normal. Most of the time they see over 2k a year, sometimes alot during a short period. No change in the magma rise, just lots of seismic activity.

    4. Andralecia McDonnell said:

      well they just opened it up to exploratory mining…soooo THAT should probably help. It’s super smart to drill on a super volcano

    5. Rick Martin said:

      He works for n independent research company. Been there in YS or the last 15 years.

    6. Cheryl Bottle said:

      Earth changes due to too many holes punched in the earth an DC sky by man kind. It has changed presume and all who dwell on the earth will have a great shaking and become covered with ash, at least 1/3rd of the earth will be destroyed.