[Video] Watch as Guy Builds a MASSIVE Mouse Trap and Smashes Things

  • I can only imagine what it took to build this mousetrap.

    I am not sure you can even call it a mouse trap when it is large enough and dangerous enough to smash anything in its path! I will say that he was pretty brave at the start of the video for sitting on the edge of the mousetrap seeing as how if one thing went wrong that lever could have come down and done some SERIOUS damage to him!

    I am not sure I would want anything like that in my house or yard although it may make a great theft deterrent.

    So let's look at how he made this trap and how it worked on various objects.


    While I am pretty sure there are simpler ways to get rid of raccoons this was pretty entertaining and while I wish we didn't have to say this…don't try this at home kids!

    Source: TheBackyardScientist


    1. Joe Hoskins said:

      Jeff Miller Gordon Peet Erik Pfullmann whadduya say we build one for some hogs?