Use These Natural Repellents To Keep Bugs Away All Summer Long

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  • Many of these natural repellents will look familiar to you because they’re everyday items that are most likely currently in your kitchen. Use them to their full potential!

    #1: Crushed basil leaves

    Fresh, crushed basil leaves placed on a table will keep flies away while you’re eating.

    #2: A solution of yeast, water and sugar

    A solution of yeast and sugar – to feed the yeast and attract the bugs – will keep flies away. This is the natural version of the bug-zapper. Just remember to change it out every couple of days – or hours, depending on how huge your fly problem is.

    #3: Clove essential oil

    Flies absolutely hate the scent of clove oil, so if you’re trying to get a handle on a fly problem, get some essential oil to make a spray with.

    #4: Yellow globes

    Yellow light naturally repels bugs (including moths and mosquitoes) at night, so if you have an ongoing problem with either, start by changing your lights.

    #5: Rose geranium for ticks

    Ticks can carry diseases like tick bite fever, and if you’re going to the woods or African bush you’ll want to check your body regularly. Rose geranium, in an essential oil on the skin (or diluted in a spray), is commonly recommended to get rid of ticks. This works on both man and beast so it’s even great for your dogs.

    #6: Black pepper for ants

    Black pepper, sprinkled where you don’t want them to go or diluted in a spray, will keep ants in check and away you’re your food. Cayenne pepper works just as well, but you don’t want to get that in your eyes.

    #7: Vinegar

    Vinegar is commonly recommended as a repellent for spiders: Diluted, spray it if you don’t want to follow the spiders. Apple cider vinegar (again, diluted in water) will also keep away ticks and fleas on both humans and animals. Keep in mind that cats hate the smell of vinegar.

    #8: Garlic

    You can increase the amount of garlic in your diet to keep away mosquitoes: They really don’t like the smell of it.

    #9: Lavender for moths

    Lavender has been recommended for years as a remedy for calm and aiding sleep, but it turns out that dried lavender pouches work just as well for keeping moths out of your clothes. (This tip comes courtesy of Martha Stewart – the queen of homemaking hacks.)

    #10: Citronella for mosquitoes

    Citronella candles or oil should always be part of your camping kit as a bug repellent.

    #11: Sage

    Both sage and rosemary can be burned over a fire to get rid of mosquitoes naturally.

    Have you used any of these natural repellents to keep bugs away? Did they work well?

    Article Source: SHTF Blog


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