Use These Natural Repellents To Keep Bugs Away All Summer Long

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  • When it’s a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, you might be enjoying the outdoors (either in your backyard, a park or a hiking trail) with your family and friends. The chance to eat alfresco is one of the great perks of the spring and summer months. Who doesn’t love to dine on delicious food while getting some much-needed Vitamin D simultaneously?

    However, once all the dishes are on the table, you go to take your first bite and watch as a fly or mosquito comes buzzing around your food and face. It’s a necessary evil when eating outdoors. You aren’t the only ones loving the meal. And if it isn’t a fly, it’s possible that a spider is making it’s way onto your leg. No fun. Luckily, there are numerous natural ways to keep bugs and other pests away from you. It doesn’t require applying chemicals or spraying potential toxic substances onto your skin either!

    Take a look at how you can naturally repel the various types of bugs and pests during the warm months!

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    1. Mike Pace said:

      How do you keep the Republican parasites from sucking your blood is what I want to know?