Use These 5 Tips To Keep Bees Far From Those Summer Plans

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  • It’s no secret that our days in the summer are filled with outdoor activities that include everything from hanging out at the beach to hiking in the wilderness to having a peaceful picnic at our favorite park. However, we sometimes have to share our time outside with pesky bugs.

    One of the more formidable insects we come across are bees. Their infamous buzzing noise is not only annoying, but it’s also extremely frightening to those who are allergic to their sting. Nothing ruins an outdoor barbecue or a casual picnic at a campsite like a bee sting. Luckily, there are things we can do in order to minimize the chances that bees will come around and sting us.

    Keep reading to learn 5 tips to keep bees far away from our summer activities!

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    1. Stephen Orr said: one cares about the bees anymore?..cause I just got some seeds from Cheerios

    2. Fred Cadet said:

      If you’re concerned about bees, know this: Bees typically will not forage over a 6 foot fence that they can’t see through. It’s a natural behavior for bees. So if you’re concerned with bees, fashion up a fence of some kind and enjoy. No other steps would need be taken.

    3. Greg Cooper Sr. said:

      DO NO HARM, PLEASE. bess are dying at an alarming rate. shoo them or move, please don’t kill. no bees, no food, no humans!

    4. TJ Knutzen said:

      bees wont sting you just let them buzz around. Killing one releases a pheromone that tells other bees you are hostile.
      have fun, now you have made yourself a targeted foe.
      I have never had a problem with bees.

    5. John Parrish said:

      It’s usually those AHole wasps and yellow jackets that show up. Honey bees are too busy working. 🙂

    6. Bruce Lawrence said:

      Bees are not only harmless but beneficial and necessary. I’m highly allergic but I wouldn’t swat one fir any reason.