Understand the 5 Stages of Grief To Stay Mentally Prepped After a Crisis

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  • Hurricane Harvey is a fresh reminder of how important prepping is. Physical prepping, such as stockpiling supplies and securing your home, is one part of it. However, it's equally crucial to mentally prep. You have to be in a sound and focused state of mind when facing any type of disaster, whether that be a personal one or a natural one, like a hurricane.

    Inevitably, we'll all face some sort of crisis that causes us to enter the 5 stages of grief. Victims of Hurricane Harvey are some of the most recent individuals to begin going through this process. It can be overwhelmingly difficult to process all of the emotions that you feel after a crisis so in order to stay calm and get yourself through the event, it's best to understand what to expect. It will then allow you to better overcome the fallout of such a crisis.

    Continue on to learn the 5 stages of grief and how you can get through each one!

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