This Is What to Do on a Sinking Boat

  • Preparation Is Key to Surviving This Potentially Deadly Situation

    It can happen to even the most skilled and experienced boater. You may do everything right, but because of a bad storm, a technical malfunction or some other outside event, you may find yourself trapped on a sinking boat. While you might feel doomed, that's not necessarily so, and there are several steps you can take to ensure you make it to safety. Of course, the first thing is to know how to prevent a catastrophe in the first place.

    This includes performing regular maintenance and inspections on your boat, along with checking it right before you head out to sea. Knowing how to perform some basic repairs can also help, because you might be able to fix the situation and not have to abandon your boat. However, should you still find yourself in a situation you can't salvage, we have a few tips that might just save your life.

    To learn what three things you should do if your boat starts to sink, please continue to Page (2) for the list.

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    1. Tim Shelton said:

      It should have inflatable’s that pop out and keep the boat afloat