These Antique Tools Might Be Making a Comeback!

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    Many of us couldn't imagine living without all of the modern conveniences that our high-tech age has to offer. After all, we rely on time-saving tools and appliances that save us time and effort so we can devote more of our attention to the important things in life. Come home, start the dishwasher, throw a load of laundry in the washing machine, and then hop in the shower while dinner's cooking in the microwave. What could me more convenient? However, some of the tools our grandparents depended on every day  are still just as effective as they were back then, and many people are using them instead of relying solely on modern technology.

    In fact, here are three everyday needs that can easily be met with simple tools and equipment that have been around for decades – centuries, even! We bet you couldn't imagine getting water using a hand pump, but it's actually really easy! This old-fashioned equipment had to be as user-friendly as possible, so though it may seem primitive, it's not as complicated to use as you might think.

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    1. Hunter Jake Jasperson said:

      Actually used to feed the cows with 1 or sometimes 2 teams of Belgian drafts. I can honestly say I know how to drive 4 ahead and not many people my age can say that.