The Survival Food That is Supposed To Last 150 Years

  • Whenever people are stocking up for survival one of the first things they think of is food. While our bodies can go a bit of time without food it wouldn't be long before starvation set in and the worst could happen.

    Making sure you stay nourished and alert is a huge part in the success of your survival. The last thing you need to do is fall asleep at the wrong moment or pass out in the wrong place.

    Now there are lots of MRE's you can purchase online but that can get costly and your money would be best saved for other items such as protection or shelter. So your best option is to make your own edible bars that you can stock up on in the event that the worst happens.

    So what we have done is compiled for you on the next page a list of ingredients as well as direction so you can make these for your own household. So take a look and let us know what you think.

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    1. Luke Slocum said:

      Make it thin, if it gets very thick it’s like biting into a brick. I’m going to try running my next batch through my pasta machine. Not only will I get a more consistent size but I’ll be able to make it a thickness I like.

    2. Anonymous said:

      Tbsp is what the screen says but he says teaspoon? So which one? I’ve heard you can add sugar too?

    3. Rachel Glam Walkup said:

      It looks like cardboard I would rather have a box of Twinkies they’re supposedly last 250 years

    4. Steven Lowe said:

      I’ve eaten some in the 1970’s from Civil War Confederate rations. Almost chipped a tooth. Not very tasty but I didn’t get sick.