The Plant That Can Be Used As Toilet Paper (& it Has Healing Properties)

  • For any nature survivalist, it's essential to know which plants can prove beneficial in certain situations. Staying informed and updated on these beneficial plant species can make a huge difference whether you're trekking in the woods for multiple days or just camping with your family for a night. You can prepare for an outdoor excursion as much as possible, but chances are you'll probably forget something you'll need down the road.

    One of those items you might forget or run out of is toilet paper. What would you do without it? There's a certain plant that doubles as toilet paper and as a medicinal substance. Once you learn to identify it, you'll feel much more comfortable about entering the woods. This plant is also native to North America so it's available in most forests across the continent. I'll give you a hint: its nicknames include bunny ears, tinder plant and donkey ears.

    Let's see what this plant is called and how it can help you in the wilderness!

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    1. Pete Erickson said:

      May cause dermatitis? Not really something I want to use to wipe with if that’s the case

    2. Sue Pullen said:

      Well! Its very versatile! You should start selling it Maria Trivisonno!