The Most Useful Knot I Know

  • Not all knots are created equal. Anyone who is an avid hunter or outdoorsman will tell you this. There are some knots that are super complex and hold well but are not right for all situations. For example, when hanging your food or tent there is no need to get super complicated with the knot when a simple knot will do. In fact, you would be wasting time as the more complex the knot it seems the more time it takes to get your camp set up.

    So what knot do you use? Sure there are many, and I do many many, to choose from but the one that I have found works in most everyday situations is the Siberian Hitch knot. This knot is effective,  easy to use and even simpler to release.

    We have compiled an easy to read, set of instructions on the next page so you too can master this versatile knot!

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