The Most Insane Things Built With Legos

  • There are certain things that seem to stand the test of time: monuments, religion and even Legos. While Legos may not have had the longevity that many monuments and religions have experienced, the colorful and inventive toy has been around for decades and is synonymous with childhood. Many of us have fond memories centered around Legos.

    It turns out that Legos are more timeless and versatile than we ever expected. Since they can be transformed into more than just a mini airport or castle, they may have a place in the future of technology and entertainment. If you have kids, you might even secretly enjoy being able to fiddle with them just as you did when you were a child. These days, more adults are transforming Legos into cool and insane objects that have more functionality than you could have ever imagined as a kid.

    Continue on to see all of the crazy things people have created with legos! 

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