The Expert 9 Volt Battery Hack

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  • A 9-volt battery is an amazing little device, but it has its annoying qualities.  After all, you may have one on hand in order to start fires, but you’d be hard-pressed to use it to power any of your devices. The great thing though is with a little tweaking you can make this battery work if you put your mind to it.  Check it out below.

    This is such an awesome trick! It’s crazy that within the standard 9-volt battery, there are just several more batteries ready to be put to work!

    As you can see in the video, this is an especially useful trick for when your flashlight runs out of juice and you still have a few days left of your camping trip.

    Have you heard of or used this trick before? Do you have any tips that we can add? Let us now in the comments below.