The Expert 9 Volt Battery Hack

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  • If you have been in the prepper for more than n5 minutes chances are you have heard of this hack. It's a simple life hack that everyone should know. In fact,  this hack is such a staple that many campers and survivalists keep a 9 volt and some steel wool in their bug out bags because it's something you can always depend on.

    However, the 9-volt battery can be used beyond just a fire starting tool (besides the obvious uses this battery provides for 9-volt electronics). With a little bit of MacGyvering, you can use a 9-volt to power a lot more electronics as well.

    All you’ll need is a 9-volt battery, wire cutters, aluminum foil, and you’ll be able to utilize the power of the 9-volt to power up and use any device you want for bugging out and beyond.

    So keep reading and check out this incredible trick — you’ll be dying to try it yourself! 

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