Stay Clean in the Wild With This Easy DIY Camping Shower

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  • There are plenty of things you look forward to when prepping for a camping trip: hiking, fresh air, bonding with loved ones and of course, s’mores. While all of those are certainly camping perks, you may not realize how much you miss some of the standard resources enjoyed in everyday life until you actually get into the wilderness.

    The simple task of taking a shower is one of those civilized basics you'll miss most. When you’re spending 24/7 in the wilderness as a camper, you need that shower more than ever before. Instead of dealing with your filth and using other less-than-adequate means of keeping up with personal hygiene, try building this DIY camping shower. It closely resembles a typical shower and can be easily packed into your car!

    Continue on to learn how to make this camping shower in just 4 quick steps!

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