Safely Escape a Car Submerging in Water

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  • There are many SHTF events that can come our way: natural disasters, civil unrest, transportation accidents, wildlife attacks, etc. Depending on our daily routine and location, some of us are more likely to encounter certain events than others. For example, if you live in the southwestern region of the U.S., you're more likely to face a Category 5 hurricane. If you're a survivalist, you're more likely to run into a bear.

    However, regardless of where each of us lives or what we do for a living, driving a car is something the vast majority has in common. It's something we rely upon not only to get food, go to our jobs and visit friends, but it's also a means of escape when SHTF. Unfortunately, the car itself can become a death trap if we're not careful. That's particularly the case as sea levels rise and we experience more frequent rainstorms. So, as with a bear attack or train accident, we must learn how to calmly react when our car is drowning.

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