Read These Reviews Before Buying Another Pair of Hunting Boots!

  • Your Choice of Boot May Be Key to Your Hunting Success!

    You need a lot of gear for hunting. This includes not only your weapon of choice, but also all of the related tactical gear and any clothing or other items to help you stay warm and keep you concealed when you're out in the wild stalking your prey. You may focus more on your weapons and on your camouflage than on your footwear, but your shoes are just as important as anything else. They help keep you dry and warm, and in the case of lightweight hunting boots, they make it a lot easier to sneak up on your target.

    Field & Stream recently reviewed three popular lightweight hunting boots, drawing on the opinions and experience of their expert panel which included several veteran hunters. What they found may surprise you! Like anything else, all of the boots had their pros and cons, and understanding each can help you make the right choice for you.

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