Rabbits Can Be Both Pets and a Source of Income on a Homestead

  • Life on a homestead can be relaxing and peaceful, but it can also quickly become busy and even confusing at times. If you live on a homestead, then you probably did plenty of research on ways to be self-sufficient in terms of energy, food and income. But at first, it can be perplexing to try to figure out how to set up a sustainable source for all 3 of those.

    In terms of income, you might be selling food, working remotely or raising animals. These are all ways to make some money to support your independence on a homestead. If you're looking to make additional money, then there's a rabbit breed that can help you out. Angora rabbits are both valuable and adorable. They can be raised as pets while doubling as a source of income since their shaved fur can be sold as a source of income.

    Keep reading to learn all about angora rabbits including the different breeds and what to feed them!

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