Per FEMA We Should Be Stockpiling These Essential Items (other than Food & Water)

  • We never want to think about the possibility that a natural disaster or other devastating event could occur near us. The truth is that no matter where you live in the world, there's a potential for some type of natural disaster or unforeseen event to cause panic and destruction. Fortunately, thanks to technology, we can know when certain events might happen, such as a hurricane, which gives us some time to prepare. But that's not always the case.

    As a result, a stockpile provides you with emergency preparedness and safety. While FEMA aims to mitigate any fallout from a disaster, they may be unable to reach you (at least for a certain period of time) due to the aftermath of that disaster. Yes, food and water are clearly important members of a stockpile list, but what about other items? It's easy to get carried away when trying to stockpile. You might think through every possible scenario to learn what items you could potentially need. FEMA has dealt with all types of unexpected events and narrows down the list for us.

    To see which items FEMA recommends that we stockpile, continue reading!

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    1. James Lechago said:

      This list is dangerous in that it leaves you dependent on rescue in order to survive. Get a high quality water filter and something portable to store the filtered water in. Get the bleach. It can be used to fight infections and for oral hygiene. Get first aid. Get a good quality knife and sharpener. Fire starter. Boots and warm clothes. A crank or shake flashlight and two way radios. Much more than three days of food. In all likelihood if you don’t life in the countryside you’re neighbors only have a few days worth of food and chances are much of that will spoil. If you’re a good person you’re going to find yourself helping your neighbors. You should have several months worth of food even though it is illegal to have that much for no other reason than to make you dependent on the government.

    2. Ashley Hoose said:

      Yeah. I already have most if not all in our “go bag”. I also have more then what they list. Even the article itself says the FEMA list is a good starter but lacks ALOT. lol.

    3. Katina Newkirk said:

      Yeah so when martial law comes and takes everything they will gain bigger stock piles.

    4. Buck Fuller said:

      So we can be like little resources if they need it. They’ll try to come get it from you