Octogenarian Set To Break Appalachian Trail Record

  • What world record would you want to break? Would it be something involving food, other people or a physical activity? We'd all like to think we can end up in the Guinness Book of Records or a Hall of Fame, but we often put our passions behind for our careers and families. By the time we retire from the work force, we feel too tired or too old to do anything noteworthy. However, that mentality can be changed!

    Take Dale Sanders, for example. He has set out to accomplish his dream (and break the record for) hiking across the Appalachian Trail at the unprecedented age of 81 (soon to be 82) years old. Just hearing that makes me feel guilty for not using my full physical capabilities. If Sanders can do it, any of us can. Luckily, he's shared some of his secrets behind his motivation and the ways he stays young.

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