Most People Have No Idea How To Spot The Rabbit’s Nest- Here is How To Do It

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  • Recently you may have noticed a video circling around showing what looks to be a normal lawn. The one thing you don't see is just below the unassuming tuft of grass lay a hidden gem. A gem in the form of baby rabbits.

    Now to the naked eye, most people would not think twice about a small patch of dry grass but to the trained wildlife staff at Ontario Wildlife, they see something so much more. Beneath the dry brittle blades of grass lays a nest of about four or five rabbits. While this may seem strange it's actually very normal practice for rabbits to find small holes in which they can have their babies. Once they are born they seal off the nest to protect their young from any looming predators.

    Baby rabbits will generally open their eyes in about 10 days and will begin to venture outside of the nest at three to four weeks. During this time they will return to the nest to sleep so it's best to leave any nest undisturbed if you happen to come across it.

    So let's take a look at this next video to see firsthand what this would like should you stumble across it.

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