Measuring Tire Tread Depth & Why It’s So Important

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  • Our cars are more than just machines that get us from point A to point B. They are what allows us to remain independent and productive. Unless we live in a big city that has an extensive public transportation system, how would we get to the office, visit friends and family or even get our groceries? It's safe to say we would be utterly lost.

    Since our automobiles are so essential, we must be wary of any safety hazards that could cause our lives to be at risk on the road. We all know the importance of oil changes and engine maintenance, but our tires are other items that need proper care. Tire replacements and rotations are done at certain mileage increments. However, in between the times your car is in the shop, you can take safety measures into your own hands by checking the tread depth of the tires. This step will keep your tires' grip on the road much stronger.

    Continue on to learn how to measure your tire tread depth to keep yourself safe!

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