Lost in the Wild? 4 Survival Tips from an Expert

  • I have waited for what seems like an eternity for the weather to warm up and the sun to thaw what was left of the winter chill. I am beyond excited that nature is again waking up and the flora and fauna are once again coming alive with the freshness of spring.

    The reason for my excitement is one I am sure many of you feel. For me, spring is a time for one of my favorite things- Hiking!

    There is nothing better than gathering your things and trekking out into the wilderness to experience all that nature has to offer. I am lucky enough to live in a place filled with natural springs, caves, and all manner of hillside.  Yet no matter how much I enjoy it and how much I love being out there I am always very aware of one fact, it's so easy to get lost!

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    1. Josh Gottschalk said:

      Who the Fu*k gets lost?
      Unless you’re a Lieutenant or a Hipster douschbag, there is no excuse for getting lost