Living Off The Grid: Tent Style

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  • There are many benefits to living a life free from the chaos of a technology dependent society. Alternative living situations are no longer things that people simply think about then push to the side. More and more people are investing in the materials and supplies needed to transition from a life bound by constant connectivity to a life free from the worries of yet another unanswered email, text, or voicemail.

    One of the ways that they are successfully making this transition is to live not in a log cabin built by hand but to invest in large (or small depending on preference) high-quality tents that can be customized to fit into the off the grid structure that they have created. Not only do these structures provide an alternative, sustainable lifestyle, they also have a certain aesthetic charm and offer easy access to the natural world.

    Now you don't have to be ready to make the switch to living in a tent full time, but it's good to know your options should you want to.  It's also great to know the capabilities of such a tent and there are many. Durability, transportability, accessibility, affordability.

    So let's keep reading and see what options there are for living off the grid, tent style.

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    1. Lina Neighbors Landrum said:

      have a friend that fixed up his flat bed trailer to hold his canvas tent, kinds reminds me of the old wagons…..but then again he is into the frontier round ups. But it looks cool