Learn How To Properly Treat Common Injuries When in the Wilderness

  • As you’re spending time enjoying nature, your bliss can be rudely interrupted by an unexpected injury happening to someone with you or to yourself. While we all aren’t doctors, that doesn’t mean we can't react like they would. It’s particularly important to swiftly and properly react when you’re in the wilderness and without adequate aid. The minutes and hours after an injury could mean the difference between a swift recovery and a longer path of pain.

    Luckily, many simple injuries can be treated right away in the field if we know what protocol to follow. It can be a daunting task to determine what the cause of the pain is as well as its severity, but there are certain signs and steps you can use to make the healing process easier. While no one wants to hobble out of the woods with a painful injury, you'll have peace of mind knowing that what you did in the immediate aftermath was correct.

    Let’s take a look at how simple and more common injuries can be treated in the wilderness!

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