Jurassic Park May Have Been Wrong About the T. Rex

  • It’s the movie that involves oversized, prehistoric dinosaurs with plenty of sudden moments that make you jump. You may have even found yourself sweating while watching the plot line. That dinosaur movie would be Jurassic Park, of course.

    Not only do we rely upon this classic movie for entertainment, but we also consider it a learning experience where we can learn about the creatures that roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Luckily, we’ve never had to come in contact with them like the characters in Jurassic Park do.

    However, new research has found that there’s one characteristic of perhaps the most infamous dinosaur species, the T. rex, that wasn’t portrayed correctly in the movie.

    Keep reading to see what the movie was wrong about when it comes to the T. Rex as well as the research that backs it up! You might surprised at what it is!

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    1. Michael Edward said:

      No$#%&!@*.. good thing we don’t base scientific research and fact off of “Science Fiction” movies

    2. Jr Bass said:

      Yeah right do you not see his massive legs? I wouldn’t be surprised if you said long necks couldn’t run but a t-rex I want whatever you are drinking

    3. Wilhelm Vo said:

      No the teeth are apex. To big and to pointed . I personally think they could run but couldn’t run long distances similar to alligators. This post is just click bait

    4. Donald Jackson said:

      I dont believe that. Not possible for something that big and those teath to just walk and find food. Lol that makes no sense

    5. Alex Penz said:

      Dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago… More like 10,000 years or less. The earth is not that old…