I Was Surprised To Find Out Why She Throws Aspirin in With Her Laundry

  • As a homeowner and adult in general, there are several chores that we dread doing: taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, mowing or taking care of the yard, etc. I'm sure laundry is on that list as well. There are a small majority who truly enjoy doing laundry since it feels like a refreshing and rejuvenating process for your clothes, but for those of us that aren't in that group, laundry is just another thing that dampens your day. It's particularly draining when you have stains and fading clothes to deal with. If you have kids, I'm sure this is all too familiar.

    There are an endless amount of laundry hacks out there, but which ones can you trust to actually work? You don't want to risk ruining your clothes or sheets by randomly trying out a bunch of them. The good news is that someone else has already done the trial and error work for us. So, here are a few proven tricks that will change up your laundry game.

    Keep reading to view 3 laundry hacks that will brighten your things and keep them stain-free!

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