Hunting Hog With A Pellet Weapon. Can It Be Done?

  • Hunting is not only a sport that many participate in for fun but is also a way of life for many people. When discussing hunting it usually isn't long before the conversation is geared towards ammo and weaponry and there are a plethora of options so you can imagine how long that conversation could last.

    At a get together a few nights ago a few of my friends were discussing a video they had watched where a gentleman took down a feral hog with nothing more than a pellet gun! I overheard the conversation and thought “there is no way that is possible.” I have seen feral hogs and they look like they would need more than a pellet gun to take them down but sure enough one of the guys pulled out his phone and everyone was watching a video of this hog, being taken out by a pellet gun.

    So, of course, I did a little bit of research for you guys so go grab a drink and after the break let's look at what I found.

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    1. Greg Cutter said:

      That must be one tall damn hog judging by the angle of the rifle

    2. Harold Mcdermott said:

      Get a small price of toilet paper an I mean a small piece dip half it in diesel fuel, diesel explodes under pressure you also need a pellet gun to produce enough pressure to made the diesel fuel to explode this is the same way as diesel engine works, But take warning if you blow the seals out of your pellet gun don’t blame me lol

    3. John Lara said:

      And i got criticized for say ing I took down a 197 lb hog with a .22 mag

    4. Pat N Purchia said:

      I’ve hunted squirrels with a pellet gun.. I’ve tried taking out a woodchuck from 15′ and it wouldn’t kill it had to get up really closes to take it out .. I can’t see someone taking a hog don’t believe it nope nope nope….

    5. Steve Rogers said:

      But there is a .50 cal air rifle, so in essence it’s a pellet gun, it fires at 3000 psi, and it has taken down Cape buffalo!! Just google it if you don’t believe me!!

    6. Pat N Purchia said:

      I have a RWS .177 it’s 1100 fps it wouldn’t kill a woodchuck unless I was on top of it ….. I never seen a shot a .22 air rifle…… Was there a video ? I didn’t see it

    7. Thomas Yates said:

      Shot a pig they other day with a 300 grain gold dot and it ran 300 yards and it was almost blown in half I’m not seeing this work

    8. Jeremy Schrieber said:

      It doesn’t say what caliber the pellet gun in the mentioned video is. They make pellet rifles in large calibers. I have seen videos with 357 cal up to 50 cal hunting larger game.

    9. Oscar Collins said:

      Had a Benjamin nitro piston air rifle in .22cal and killed a lot of crow and squirrel. The trick is head shots. .22 cal is heavier and has a longer range. I regularly made head shots at 50 yrds. Cost a little more than $100

    10. Graham Wright said:

      Take a broad spear and a bowie knife with you for when it turns on you wounded and wear running shoes

    11. Dave Robertson said:

      There was a large Grizzly bear killed with an air rifle on the Lewis & Clarke expedition over 200 years ago.

    12. Ang She said:

      Thank you for posting this.. I have been trying to advocate for air rifles, most people faithfully believe air rifles are toys and not hunting weapons.

    13. John Rumjacker Edwards said:

      Can’t just use any ordinary pellet gun… You can use higher end gamo or others similar. There is this one ol boy who has a YouTube channel and he pops them fuckers square between the eyes and drops them.

    14. Ingram Yates said:

      I actualy had an argument with a friend of mine recently about this very topic. When people think of “pellet gun” they think of the little pump guns that we got as a kid for shotting at soda cans out in the back yard. However, Matt Dial was able to provide a video of a where a guy took a pellet gun with about 3k psi and a pellet about 1.5x the size of the ones in our little red rider bb guns and pegged a boar between the eyes with it and dropped it in 1 shot.

    15. Jay Tilman said:

      Effectiveness totally depends on where the animal is hit. The largest cal we have seen not kill a hog, – 300 blackout.

      That was also the toughest meat we have ever cooked up.

    16. Umlaut Schwa said:

      My Pappy could fire a pellet into a hawg’s unflared nostril at 400+ meters. He weren’t a’ feared a nuthin.

    17. Wendall Brown Jr said:

      Sure you can. You can also wack ’em with a hammer, drown them in a water trough, or herd them over a cliff. I can’t imagine why you would want to though. Rifles work fine.

    18. James Davis said:

      It can be done. There are pellet rifles on the market that can reach ballistics of high power rifles.

    19. Johnny Sunset said:

      Russian pellet rifle would do it ,they are night time sniper man killers,just saying