Stockpile These 7 Things For Survival Gardening

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  • When SHTF, we tend to scramble. We make hasty decisions and do things without weighing the consequences. This is why stockpiling becomes one of the most important tasks. It's your Plan B when SHTF and the grocery store becomes a no-go.

    You can stockpile all of the canned goods you want, but what happens if those go bad for whatever reason? You could be a victim of botulism and other illnesses that make survival more difficult. Instead of relying on your pantry, use the land around you in the aftermath of a crisis. It’s right outside of your front door so it’s accessible. You also know the food will be healthy since it'll be fresh and grown under your supervision.

    So, let’s take a look at 7 items you should stockpile in order to start a survival garden if SHTF!

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