Enjoy Cool Summer Nights With This DIY Outdoor Projector Screen

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  • Despite the fact that the leaves might think it's time to start changing, we still have plenty of summer nights left until the cooler months come. That means we can continue to enjoy the great outdoors whether that's by hiking, camping or even having a beach day.

    However, if you've been hiking and camping all summer, you might want to find a less traditional way to experience summertime. This DIY projector screen allows you to do that. With this screen, you can instantly host outdoor movie nights with friends and family. Imagine yourself curled up with a blanket, entertained by your favorite movie flick and stuffing your face with s'mores. What could be a better way to spend the rest of the summer?

    Continue on to watch how to make this cool outdoor movie screen! Your friends will want to hang out in your backyard every day!

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    1. Seán Padraig Howland said:

      Cool summer nights? I’m in Boston, it feels like India with all this humidity, and tomorrow it will probably snow or some crazy s**t