Here’s What Everyone Need To Know About Sinkholes

  • When we’re prepping, we usually do so with the larger and more infamous disasters in mind: hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, etc. The prepping for each of these might vary slightly, but we can all feel safer by gathering a stockpile and understanding survival basics, such as first aid.

    However, what happens when your home (and your beloved stockpile) end up being sucked into the ground via a sinkhole? Your survival skills won’t exactly help you in the aftermath. Instead, we must learn everything we can about sinkholes, including how insurance can help, in order to determine whether we should really be worried about them.

    Keep reading to learn everything you should know about sinkholes, including what the warning signs are and whether your insurance will cover any damages done by them!

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    1. Dennis Tyndall said:

      Learn Geology. Sink holes occur in karst geography. Regions underlain by limestone easily eroded subterraneanly. Google the Corvette Museum sink whole.