How To Wear Survival Gear That Is Hidden From Others

  • These Strategies May Save Your Life!

    Many preppers and survival enthusiasts are pretty upfront about their dedication to preparing for the unthinkable. However, there may be times when you want some of your survival gear with you, but you need to wear or carry it discreetly for various reasons. For example, maybe it wouldn't be considered appropriate workplace attire. Or, maybe you just feel safer if you keep your gear under wraps so people won't know you have it.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to wear your survival gear on your body without people even being aware of it. This is true for the smaller items, such as razor blades, that you can tuck somewhere safe but that's also easily accessible should you need to get to the item in a hurry. Using these tricks for concealing and disguising your survival gear, you can feel a little safer every time you step out the door knowing you have a few safety items with you.

    To learn how to wear your survival gear hidden in plain sight, please continue to Page (2) for some of our favorite hiding spots.

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    1. Beth DiBella said:

      I’m screwed in a situation where I need a hidden fucking razorblade…

    2. John Ward said:

      One in the fold of wallet(small nylon credential wallet from & 2nd on shoelace.