How To Use Those Chickens To Help Sustain The Homestead

  • Having Your Own Flock Can Help You Be More Self-Sufficient

    For many homesteaders, raising livestock is a crucial way of becoming self-sufficient and independent, and even making extra money that will help support their family and keep their homestead running. Chickens are especially popular animals to raise, because they're accessible even to people who are new to homesteading or who have small homesteads that can't support larger animals. However, raising chickens comes with its own set of challenges, and if you want to turn your birds into moneymakers, you need to understand how to navigate these challenges and get the most out of your flock.

    This doesn't mean that raising chickens is too complex or complicated for the average homesteader; just the opposite, in fact! You just need to do a little preparation first, including researching laws and ordinances in your area, and thinking about how many chickens you can afford to feed and care for, and what type of chicken best suits your needs. You'll also want to determine how much money you can expect to make from each of the many types of chickens you can choose.

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