How To Remove a Tree Stump Using Epsom Salt

  • As Diy'ers and Homesteaders we have found many ways to use products beyond their marketed ability. Ot seems that everything has its use and then some. Yet, this latest life hack has me scratching my head. When I first heard it I laughed with a sort of “yeah right” disbelief but like everyone, if I can so something smarter not harder than I am all for it.

    We all have had those situations where we have annoying tree stumps in our yards. Either you purchased a home with it already there or through the process of elimination took the tree out yourself but still have the stump to deal with.

    Well, this next hack will show you how you can get rid of that tree stump with none other than Epsom Salt!

    So sit back and relax and let's see how this works. 

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    1. Robert Pogue said:

      I got a guy that will grind it out for 25 bucks in 5 minutes.$#%&!@*your salt.

    2. Anthony Talley said:

      Powdered chlorine works great. Drill holes…pour it in…water…wait a few months…bush hog it…

    3. Cecilea Frye said:

      This really works! Ours took a year. Landscapers wanted $200 to take out the stump!