How To Make Pepper Spray

  • Prepare the following products:

    • No less than 6 chili peppers. Make sure they are as hot as you could find them. Optionally, you can add more chili or peppers if you want the spray to be stronger and more potent;
    • You need to mince and mash it in a jar. It can be large-sized (or pick two small);
    • Food dehydrator (or manual dehydration) for drying the peppers/chili;
    • Safety gloves and eye-glasses, plus a respiratory mask (to protect you from the strong solution, especially if you are sensitive to pepper);
    • Chopper/Knife (for cutting);
    • Two bottle containers, preferably sealable (one large and one smaller);
    • Fine cloth for removing the pit and seeds;
    • Funnel (for easy transfer of the solution);
    • Vinegar – this will be the delivery system. The pepper solution will be better preserved in vinegar, rather than in water); Optional: Use rubbing alcohol;
    • Baby oil – The entire solution will get better stuck onto clothes, face, etc. It will wash off a bit harder;
    • Optional: A third container in case you have some pepper spray solution left. You will need to keep it in a cool place.

    Please make sure that you have safety equipment around as you do not want to harm yourself in the process of making this spray!


    First you need to prepare the peppers or chili by dehydrating them. While you may be tempted to just cut right into them this is an important step. There is no major difference if you use a dehydrator or simply leave them out in the sun. Either method will get the job done.

    Next, place the peppers in a blender and chopped to as small pieces as possible.

    Next, it’s time to chop/blend the garlic. Whichever way is possible for you, use that, and make sure the garlic is finely cut.

    Now you will want to take the baby oil and mix it with the ingredients so far, or blend them together in a blender. Then add the vinegar or alcohol (12 ounces) in the blender. You should aim at a homogenous solution, get the mixture as smooth as possible! Now you will want to take the solution and use your funnel to pour it into your bottle filtering it with your paper or cheese cloth.

    Now that you have done that your pepper spray is ready. Please note that this is for self-defense only and should not be used as a toy or part of a joke to be played on anyone. This mixture can cause not only eye irritation but also temporary blindness.

    Let us know what you think.


    Source: Survival Mastery