How To Make Money on Only One Fourth of an Acre

  • What if you could live on a small plot of land, lower your monthly costs, increase your self-sufficiency and work half as much as you do in your typical corporate job? It sounds appealing, right? These options come from living on a homestead or small farm. The advantages to living this type of lifestyle are the main reasons for its growing popularity. People are switching to a more natural environment to live off of their own land and become their own boss.

    You might think it sounds too good to be true. If you love nature, this is the ideal lifestyle. However, it can be a financial risk since you won't know if you'll be able to make enough money to support yourself. Truth is, you must know how to work your land and become informed about the ways to reap the full benefits of a homestead. You don't necessarily need to purchase a large piece of land, either. According to Brett Markham, the switch to self-sufficiency is all about learning the tricks of the trade.

    To listen to Brett's advice on homesteading with a small plot of land, continue on to the podcast!

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    1. Joseph Groh said:

      Have to keep the predators out before you can make money. I have 2 acres and I’m just not the young buck anymore. I’m limited to what I can do.