How to Make a Snowball Shooter From a Leafblower

  • I will admit that I cringe when I see a leaf blower. Mainly because there was a time when I was a kid when our neighbor was using his leaf blower as I had a picnic and him “accidently” blew debris onto my cupcake, and I wasn't able to eat it. Granted I probably should have picked a better spot to sit seeing as how I was on the property line between our two homes.

    Now that I am older and a bit wiser I know that even the dreaded leaf blower has its uses. I will admit I was super excited to see this next DIY project and if you live in a place that has snow, you will understand why. Snowball fights are one of the great things about living in a place that has snow. The fun and joy that it brings make memories that will last a lifetime even for those that are on the losing end.

    The great thing about this DIY project is that if you own, it will cut down on your chances of losing so what we have done is compiled the information you need door creating your very own snowball shooter.

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