How To Make A Medicinal Salve From This Versatile Weed

  • One of the most frustrating parts of yard maintenance is the fight against unappealing and unwanted weeds. You’ve probably used different chemicals when trying to get rid of them, but it can be a constant battle. However, there’s good news! Some of those weeds may actually be on your property for a reason. They can provide certain natural benefits that you just can’t get from anything else.

    We shouldn’t be so quick to judge a weed. Plantain, for example, is a weed we usually believe should be eradicated as soon as possible. But instead of wiping out the population, you can harvest the weed and put a positive spin on a negative yard nuisance. 

    Keep reading to find out how plantains can improve your health naturally and effectively!

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    1. heather said:

      our neighbor used to make it for psoriasis and sell it to other neighbors who said it worked. hse had a steady stream of customers so it could be useful. my son had excema and was allergic so we discontinued use as he said it itched like heck so its a try and see thing.

    2. JuniorSarah Johnson said:

      we here in the foot heels of the blueridge mountain call it planten some folks cook it and enjoy .

    3. Trent Norton said:

      Who told you to put on the balm? I didn’t tell you to put on the balm!