How To Keep Cool This Summer Without Air Conditioning


    If you were asked to go without one piece of technology for a few months, which advancement would you choose? Your answer might depend on your lifestyle and your location. It also might depend on the season. You wouldn't want to live without air conditioning during the summer, particularly if you live in a historically hot climate.

    Many of us take air conditioning for granted since we've grown up having it in our lives. We even have it in our cars now! However, there are many places around the world that don't traditionally have A/C units in homes, such as Europe. Even in the U.S., you might not have A/C depending on where you live. If you own a homestead, you've probably discovered a sustainable way to stay cool or have simply decided to go without it. It does lower monthly costs and is one less piece of machinery you don't need to worry about maintaining. There are several low-tech ways to stay cool in the middle of the summer without having to rely on the A/C unit.

    Continue on to learn tips for keeping cool in the summer without air conditioning along with ways to summer-proof your home!

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