How To Hatch Chicks In an Incubator

  • As a homesteader, it's exciting to watch your animals grow. You rely on them to keep your homestead vibrant and flourishing. At times, it can be overwhelming to learn how to care for them at a young age, particularly if you're new to their needs and requirements. Chickens are common farm animals, but you might want to start hatching your own. A familiarity with an incubator is crucial to that goal. With the right process and routine, you can create an ideal environment for your newborn chicks.

    You can do your own research on an incubator, but the hatching process can seem complicated and the advice you get could be inconsistent. In reality, it can be simplified down to 5 vital steps. These steps include the necessary humidity and temperature levels as well as the turning, candling and lockdown processes. Just as with any growing animal, these eggs require certain precautions and a level of care that we might not be aware of. These steps keep us from settling on trial and error and ensure that we can end up with chicks instead of disappointing, non-hatching eggs.

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