How To Graft a Multi-Variety Apple Tree

  • One of the many reasons we enjoy planting and growing our own produce is the ability to pluck natural fruits and vegetables at their prime. It's also convenient to be able to get a variety of produce from our own property, free of pesticides or other chemicals. Fruit is particularly important in the summertime when we crave it most. Apple picking, for example, is a family-friendly summer activity.

    You can start to build your own mini apple orchard in the comfort of your own backyard! You might think that sounds like a lot of work and a lot of money. Instead, grafting an apple tree allows us to incorporate different types of apples into a single tree. Because you'll be learning how to graft, you can pick and choose which apple varieties you want in your tree. Another perk to grafting: it only requires a single tree, which is ideal for those who want low-maintenance yard work or don't have an abundance of outdoor space.

    Keep reading to learn how to graft a multi-variety apple tree!

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