How To Clean and Prepare Snapping Turtles in a Few Easy Steps

  • One source of nutrition that you will find out in the wild are Snapping Turtles.

    While many people go for the obvious game such as deer, birds, and other wild animals there is one that many seem to forget and they shouldn’t as this animal has many nutrients. If you are hunting turtles you may want to first make sure that the law allows such hunting trips however if society has collapsed and you are fending for yourself then…well I’m assuming at that point survival law applies.

    So let’s keep reading and check out what we would need to do in order to clean and prepare this particular animal, on the next page. 

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    1. Eula Wooton Jones said:

      Please don’t put something on my page that I can’t delete. I have no desire to see you kill Turtles

    2. Fred K Lawrence said:

      Then unfollow the page or adjust your settings so you don’t get Post notifications from them. It is not on YOUR page but ont THIER page and then advertised out to the people following the page. You had to have done that so undo it instead of complaining about your mistake. What your are asking them to do is like sitting in a cafe and asking other patrons not to drink tea in your presence — remove yourself from the situation instead of complaining about the place.

    3. Bridget Elam said:

      have eaten turtle when I was young…dimly recall dad doing the butchering…dinner was good, honestly..I do not think I would do it now, but we can’t see what tomorrow may bring, either.

    4. Matthew Dowe said:

      We always give them to my buddy’s uncle. He puts them live in a polymer 55 gallon barrel with fresh water. He drains it and sprays it out every couple of days until the water is coming out clear and without a stink. Then he butchers the turtle and makes a soup.

    5. Corey Weaver said:

      I still think about the snapper who got away as I lay awake at night.

    6. Corey Weaver said:

      I still think about the snapper who got away as I lay awake at night.