How To Build An Above Ground Fallout Shelter

  • With ever increasing political tension and the constant threat of other world leaders showing off their nuclear toys, we have to be prepared for anything. That is after all one of the things that we focus on here,  DIY preparedness.

    So in our search for the latest and greatest projects for you, we stumbled across this little nugget of information. How To Build Your Own Above Ground Fallout Shelter. Now, we have lightly touched on the subject here but never entirely gave diagrams and such for you to follow…but that is about to change.

    What we have done is compile for you not only a full description of what you need to build your fallout shelter but also the specifications you will be using for this particular model.

    And for your enjoyment, we stumbled across a couple of short videos that we think you will get a kick out of. So head on over to the next page and when you're done reading up and watching all of the information let us know what you think.

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    1. Chris Whinery said:

      The reason fallout shelters are below ground, is to provide enough mass between you and the fallout.

      Yes, in direct contact, the particles of radioactive matter will kill you…however, the reason for an underground shelter is to protect from the gamma radiation released as the radiation in the particles moves from a higher to lower energy state.

    2. Jason A. McPeak said:

      Check the old civil defense guides, they have excellent data for constructions of all types

    3. Daniel Duck said:

      I’ve studied this subject in depth and built my own shelter. Should you go with what they suggest. You will die…badly

    4. Ronnie Frazier said:

      Lmfao if your not under ground your dam dead
      An if its full scale nuke war. Your dead anyway. Just matter of time
      This b s going get ppl killed