How These Parents Transformed Their Toddlers’ Toy Cars is Shocking

  • Your typical children's toy is fun and engaging, but can be found at any chain store and purchased by anyone and everyone. Instead, we can turn to the DIY world to recycle old toys into new and creative ones. The unique toys we end up making can't be purchased in a store so you know your child will be the only one with it. For these DIY transformations, we can draw inspiration from Pinterest, cartoons, our travels or elsewhere.

    Well, this couple made an unlikely, yet ingenious connection between the recycling and fantasy worlds and it's making all parents wonder why they didn't think of it first. They repurposed old toddler cars and transformed them into the coolest play toys around. It looks like their kids are well-equipped for a post-apocalyptic world!

    Keep reading to learn how this couple used old toys and a box a junk to create something so cool for their children!

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