Hotwiring a Car is Simpler Than We Think

  • So anyone who knows me knows that I lose things. ALOT! My keys happen to be one item that seems to go missing the most. It doesn't matter if I am at home, at a friends house or out in public I often times misplace my keys. This is not a daily occurrence but it happens often enough that my friends joke about it.

    One day I was out of town with some friends. We had driven a couple of hours for a quick weekend getaway and we took my car.

    Needless to say somewhere along the three-day excursion I set my keys down and they are now forever in the abyss of the unknown. After a couple of hours of searching, we decided that we HAD to get back on the road and simply couldn't waste any more time looking. Now, thankfully a friend that was with us is ASE certified and knows a thing or two about vehicles. He decided to show me that if you correctly attach the right wires inside your car it's very easy to start it again.

    The whole process takes about 2-minutes flat and anyone can do this!

    So sit back and relax and let's look at how you can start your car if, like me, you find yourself stranded.

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